Abrussels in the world

This section is dedicated to our activities in the associative realm of the Abruzzo region in Belgium and the rest of the world.
Since our foundation we have established partnerships with all the other Abruzzo associations in Belgium, some of which boast associative traditions since the ‘70s. This is a unique human asset that can teach us a lot.
Furthermore, we have contacts with the big Abruzzo family in the world, born of the big migratory waves of the past, and with which we share ideas and projects to implement in several parts of the globe: from Australia to the USA through Argentina.

Since 2018 we are members of F.A.A.B. (Federation of Abruzzo People Associations in Belgium) as well as CRAM (The regional Council of Abruzzo people in the World), the regional Office for the coordination of all Abruzzo associations in the world.
In 2019 Abrussels was appointed by the Abruzzo Region “Smart Ambassador”, in the framework of an initiative aimed at creating digital influencers, willing to contribute to the collective narrative of our region’s immense and diverse beauty.

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